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We are a full service website development & design company in India, with years of experience working with different genre of clients. Trusted web development service providers for high quality results at competitive prices.

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As we all know that every business is different and has different requirements, some require dynamic sites whereas some need just a plain static site to display their profile. Static sites are absolute solution to the businesses or individuals, who display simple information without any frequent updation.

At INTEGRITY, we take pride in providing professional static website designing services to our clients to assist them to elaborate their innovative ideas among their prospective customers. Our company has a team of expert static website designers who can serve a plethora of static designs with great cutting edge visuals and layouts. With our extensive expertise we analyze, interpret and design a suitable layout to bring forward your business idea on a desired web platform.

Static Design - The Simplest Web Design. Do you need one ?

A static website design displays fixed number web pages with unchanging content, unless manually updated by the designer or webmaster. Such websites are a perfect choice if you are a small business, a smaller subset of a bigger business or your brand does not require frequent updates. Static web designs are very often chosen by businesses because they are quicker and simpler to design and are even easier to host.

How static website is useful your business ?

  • It showcases your range of product and services with an ease.
  • It works perfectly in the long-run as it doesn’t require frequent changes.
  • It offers easy navigation among various web pages.
  • It costs very less compared to dynamic web design.
static website development Mumbai
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static website development Mumbai